Who we are

VASTRR is a not for profit organization which focuses on  preventing neonatal mortality due to inadequate & unhygienic clothing of the newborn by educating & creating awareness amongst the expectant mothers, newly delivered mothers & adolescent girls in government hospitals, anganwadis, villages & urban slums about infections, hypothermia & SIDS. As part of the our mission we distribute newborn baby package consisting of a baby dress, cloth reusable diaper, baby blanket, baby sheet , soap & hand sanitizer to the newly delivered mothers in government hospitals.

What we do

1.Educating the newly delivered & expectant mothers in govt hospitals

2.To ensure that newborns get clean, hygienic & adequate clothing soon after birth.

3. To organize conferences, nukkad gatherings to explain about the neonatal mortality & how to take care of the newborn.

4. To prevent neonatal mortality by educating & creating awareness.